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NetApp AFF Storage Efficiency Field Tips

This is a post to provide some field tips for user who would like to maximum the storage utilization of NetApp AFF storage. All the recommendation is based the field experience and for reference only.

There are a few aspects to consider about the storage efficient in NetApp AFF storage

  • In-line Deduplication
  • Background Deduplication
  • Aggregate Planning
  • Thin Disk
  • Snapshot
  • Space Reclamation

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NetApp SolidFire mNode and ActiveIQ Monitoring


This post is to outline the key steps to configure mNode and how to connect SolidFire storage to ActiveIQ site. This post is not intended to cover all the details in the NetApp SolidFire deploy guide, user guide documents or other NetApp official documents.

What is SolidFire mNode?

The NetApp SolidFire management node (mNode) is a virtual machine deployed in customer environment to provide below functions:

  • SolidFire Element OS software upgrades;
  • Remote alerting and historical data collection through Active IQ;
  • Remote support tunneling for NetApp Support hands-on access; and
  • Ancillary functions for NetApp SolidFire Plug-in for VMware® vCenter™ functionality and syslog aggregation.


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Cisco UCS Jumbo Frame Configuration – The CoS Value Matters

I recently participated a technical trouble shooting regarding UCS jumbo frame setting to support NetApp SolidFire iSCSI storage. When the UCS MTU value in QoS setting is changed to 9216, the connection between UCS and NetApp SolidFire is lost. However, the new UCS QoS setting could be supported by the NetApp FAS iSCSI system in the same environment. A diagram as below illustrates the situation.


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Unity File Replication – 3 things you need to know as a VNX/Celerra user

Although Unity has been in the market for more than a year, until recently, I got a chance to configure a pair of Unity with file replication.  If you were a VNX/Celerra user, there are 3 points you need to be aware to configure the file system replication on Unity.

  1. File System replication is bundled with NAS server replication

When replicating existing File Systems or VMware NFS Datastores with asynchronous replication, you must first configure replication for the NAS Server it is mounted on. It is not supported to replicate file system to a different Unity NAS server at the remote site.

When deleting a NAS server, the related file system must be deleted as well.

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VNX File OE Upgrade Interrupted….

For any work you did, some easy task always turned to be tough if you were not lucky enough. I did a VNX5600 OE for File upgrade recently, while the whole process should be quite easy to follow as below:

  1. Download linux_image_cd1.iso and pkg_x.x.x.xx.tar files.
  2. Launch USM (Unisphere Service Manager) to connect the control station 0 to upgrade the File OE. (The new USM version has solved dual control station upgrade problem.)

The beginning of the process went well (health check and MD5 checksum), then began the upgrade steps. It looked good until …. the Windows 8 on my laptop crashed! When the Window boot back to normal, I restarted the USM and try to continue the upgrade process and got below error:

Can’t upgrade because another upgrade is in progress. ‘upgrade’ is already locked by (xxxx,xxxxxxxxx) and it is currently ‘running’ The upgrade/install lock is taken by another process. Wait for the other upgrade/install to complete.

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